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Charlotte Thomas

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About Me

Hello! I’m Charlotte THOMAS, 21 yo, and currently a Computer Science Student @ University of Rennes (France, 35).

I was formerly in prépa but due to health related problems I failed, I then went to University for the September 2022 semester.

I study Theoretical Computer Science on the side, focussing on formal languages. My language of choice is now OCaml or Rust and I have ten years of experience coding in java



I spent the last two years in prépa in Lycée Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux before that I prepared the French High School Diploma at Lycée Gustave Eiffel, Bordeaux.

I’m now at ISTIC, Beaulieu Campus, Rennes University. In third year of a BSc, majoring in CS.


Working experience

I spent a month working in the IT department of the French Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (which is somewhat equivalent to the IRS to be simple).

Queer life

I’m a Queer, transgender, intersex and asexual girl based in France. Advocating for trans right and intersex right, I follow an intersectional feminism open to all, in support of all women.

As you probably deduced from the badges. Yes. I like the trans flag. A lot.

On HRT for more than four years now, I legally changed my name to Charlotte Ophélie Margot, and gender to female, if you need help getting medical health care / starting a transition / have a transgender or intersex related question please email me at either one of these addresses:

You can ask me for a legal transition package which packs a lot of informations to do a legal transition in France. I’ll send it to you.

See my pronouns page here

Projects (dev)

Highlights / Active projects

My favourite projets / active are:

Old projects

These projects are either abandoned or archived, you can use them (most of them are under the MIT Licence, consider those without licences as CC0) but I do not provide any support whatsoever


I recently started writing. Go check my ScribbleHub page or my stories website